Monday, March 12, 2012

A Bedtime Routine That Works!

The 3 B's Bedtime works!

 (eventually we will throw a book in the mix and make it the 4 B's)

Every night we do the SAME THING, at the SAME TIME, in the SAME ORDER! We start at 8pm with giving Elle a bath. Some people told us not to do a bath every night because it can dry out her skin, but we have been keeping an eye on it and she hasn't really had any dry skin and if she starts to dry up, we will get out the lotion. :) After her bath, we relax on the couch with her bottle, she now has the routine down and after the bottle is gone, she cuddles up and usually will fall right asleep on my chest. Then we simply transfer her to her crib. It sounds really easy and honestly it is most nights! The only thing I would have done differently...I would have started this routine from the start...we didn't start this she was like 6 weeks old. I think if you start it instantly it will even be more effective...and let's be honest...anything that gives mom and dad more time to sleep the better! :)

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