Thursday, March 15, 2012

Must Have Baby Toy!!!

If someone asked me what was a must have toy for your baby...I would say "Wrist Rattles"!  We have given Ellery stuffed animals, but she doesn't show a whole lot of interest in them yet. Usually it's me making her hug the stuffed animals, or I will wrap her fingers around a regular rattle and she will either throw it across the room or hit herself in the head with it. Wrist Rattles though are great! They are little animal heads that simply velcro around the baby's wrists like bracelets, and when the baby wiggles or moves their arms they make the rattling noise. Elle LOVES them. When she gets really excited she goes crazy with her arms and makes tons of noise and it makes her laugh and laugh. If she is really moving her legs one day, it is nice because I can just hook them on her ankles.

The best part... they were only $3 at Walmart! So I suggest everyone that has a little one, go pick a set up!

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